Industrial Park in Dnipro city «Innovation Forpost»


Description of the project

The strategy of creating an industrial park in the Dnipro takes into account that the future park is an average complex of urban type, so it is focused on the development and implementation of progressive developments in the field of information and communication, biological technologies, instrumentation, electronics, energy conservation and the use of alternative energy sources.


The initiator of the project is the Dnipro city council

“Dnipro Development Agency” carries out project, legal and technical support, conducts presentations in the search for partners and investors. As of today, designing for a specific territory is underway.

Perspective image industrial park


  1. Office buildings
  2. Apartments
  3. Kindergarten

Innovation and business zone

  1. Production zone
  2. Expo venue
  3. S&T park, Business incubator,
    prototyping lab

Additional services

  1. Hotel
  2. Park & recreation zone
  3. Food curt and shopping area
  4. Clinic and health support zone
  5. Fitness center

Project objectives

Working places

  • Increase of the level of business activity in the city
  • Development of small and medium business
  • Increasing the living standards and welfare of the city’s inhabitants by creating new jobs
  • Reduced indicators of educational and labor migration of the population

Modern industry

  • Creation of new production facilities using innovative, energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies
  • Growth of production-export potential of local enterprises and intensification of their foreign economic activity
  • Increase in average wages in the region

Renovation of the city territory

  • Development of engineering, transport, logistics and market infrastructure of the city
  • Revitalization of depressed industrial areas


  • Increasing the investment attractiveness and competitiveness of Dnipro
  • Increasing the investment attractiveness and competitiveness of Ukraine


  • Increase of tax revenues to the city and state budget of Ukraine
  • Saturation of the domestic market with competitive goods and services of domestic production

Sources of funding


private investors


state budget


budget of the Dnipro city council

Technical parameters of the project


  • Road transport network
  • Engineering network
  • Complex improvement

Industrial zone:

  • The production capacity is 116 900 sq.m
  • Business incubator 1 600 sq.m
  • Exhibition center 2nd line 6 200 sq.m
  • Exhibition Center 3rd line 7 700 sq.m
  • Office center 2 queue 10 000 sq.m
  • Office center 3 queue 10 000 sq.m
  • Office center 4 queue 10 000 sq.m
  • Reconstruction of the plant 1 queue 1 300 sq.m
  • Reconstruction of the plant 2 queues 1 250 sq.m
  • Reconstruction of the plant 3 queues 1 400 sq.m
  • Reconstruction of the plant 4 queues 1 150 sq.m
  • Boulevard 6,0 hectares
  • Catering and service

Public construction

  • Exhibition center 1 queue 6 200 sq.m
  • The hotel complex is 13 500 sq.m
  • Shopping center 5 000 – 10 000 sq.m
  • Office center 1 queue 10 000 sq.m
  • Residential complex 27 000 sq.m
  • Children’s preschool institution 2 400 sq.m
  • Sports facilities

Economic Indicators of the project

$ 200 mln

Expected amount of investments


Output to the design power


The term of the project implementation


Investment Passport and Projects of the City of Dnipro

Investment Passport and Projects of the City of Dnipro

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Dnipro is a city open to investments

Dnipro is a city open to investments

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